Please Update Your Web Browser

In addition to improved experiences on, keeping your browser current can help in several ways:

  Improve your online security
Running an out-of-date browser can open your computer to viruses, hackers and other cyber criminals. By keeping current, you are allowing web browsers to help plug vulnerabilities that may lead to unwelcome online experiences.
Browse faster with fewer crashes! Older browsers can make sites sluggish and less responsive to the point of freezing or even being unable to load. The reason? Companies stop supporting older versions of their browser after new versions have been released.
  User Experience
As websites evolve, programmers design sites to take advantage of new and emerging design. If you are running an old browser, what you see may be a different or distorted version of what the site intended.

Great! Now how do I upgrade?
  1.   First, determine which version of the browser you are using. Here is a great guide for how to find that information on all major browsers.
  2. The current version of Internet Explorer can be downloaded here.
  3. The current version of Google Chrome can be downloaded here.
  4. The current version of Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded here.
  5. The current version of Apple Safari can be downloaded here.

As always, if you need assistance or have questions, please contact our Technology Support Group at 800.394.0829.

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