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About Premium Finance

What is it?

Premium financing provides a short term loan for businesses and individuals to use specifically to pay for property and casualty insurance coverage. The premium finance loan enables the insurance policy holder, often called the insured, to spread payments over the course of the policy instead of paying the entire premium up front.

How does it work?

Insurance agents partner with Imperial PFS®to offer financing to their insureds. An insured who wants or needs financing to cover a policy or multiple policies signs an agreement with Imperial PFS®. Based on that agreement, the insured pays a down payment and Imperial PFS®pays the remainder of the premium amount. The policy holder makes payments on the loan to Imperial PFS®over time as stated in the loan agreement. The insurance policy serves as collateral, facilitating an easy application and approval process.

  • Insured arranges insurance through agency
  • Agency contacts Imperial PFS®for quote
  • Imperial PFS®offers terms and payment options
  • Insured Repays Imperial PFS®for loan
  • Balance of loan funded by Imperial PFS®
  • Insured signs Imperial PFS®finance agreement and pays down payment

Imperial PFS®offers flexible premium financing programs with multiple benefits for our agency partners and their insureds.

Sample terms might be:

  • 25% down and 9 monthly payments or
  • 15% down and 10 monthly payments

Programs can be modified based on client history and needs.

We may also be able to offer financing for fully earned policies, audits, bonds and retrospective rated policies to qualified insureds.