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Streamlined and Simple
Payment Options for Insureds

Now you can utilize a single vendor with a robust platform capable of handling both payment transactions and premium financing. 

As a payment facilitation company and wholly owned subsidiary of IPFS, AndDone’s state-of-the-art processing software and APIs power quick and secure online payment collection. IPFS Payments Powered by AndDone combines IPFS’s reliable service infrastructure (which supports over $13 billion in financing annually) with the flexibility to help you build a payment workflow that streamlines your operations.

IPFS Payment Solutions

Quickly and easily manage all your payment needs with a single vendor. Our robust platform is capable of handling all your agency’s payment and premium finance needs. IPFS Payments can be used in combination with or separately from IPFS’s premium finance solution. 

Branded Payment Pages
Easily configure your own branded payments page with your logo and colors.

Real-Time Transaction Dashboard
See transactions in real-time for better visibility into account activity.

Embedded Payments & Premium Finance
Prebuilt user interface components that allow you to build native payment and premium finance checkout flows.

Configure Statement Descriptors
Reduce chargebacks by configuring bank and card statement transaction descriptors for your insureds.

Customization & Branding Capability

Customize the payment process to best meet your customers’ needs with multiple payment options. IPFS Payments Powered by AndDone solutions range from no-code to low-code options for developers of any level. Secure, one-time generated payment links require no coding experience without compromising ease-of-use for insureds. Agencies with a small amount of coding experience can add digital payments to their website, providing insureds even more flexibility.

Quickly and easily add your logo and colors to the payments portal and turn the payment process into an opportunity to reinforce your brand and stay top-of-mind with your insureds.

Customize Notifications
Fully customizable email notifications are now available! Simply enroll to receive your preferred notifications, add individual recipients within an organization, and enjoy full control in pausing or turning notifications on and off. 


Why Digital Payments?

Digital payments mitigate the financial risk associated with checks. In the best case scenario, a lost or misplaced check could result in a loss of service due to nonpayment. The worst-case scenario, however, can be far more detrimental. When checks fall into the wrong hands, thieves gain access to sensitive banking information. With this potential for risk, it is important that insurance providers seek out and implement digital methods of accepting insurance payments. Digital payments empower policyholders with a range of options to pay for their insurance, allowing them to select the payment method that works best for their needs.

Digital payments bring ease to the payment collection process, streamlining back-office operations. Digital platforms automatically and securely process payments and deposit them directly into the payee’s account. Utilizing this safe, secure, and seamless method of accepting payments means that you can spend more time focusing on the thing that matters most: building strong relationships with your customers.


If you are looking for ways to implement digital payment methods, IPFS is here to help. For over 45 years, IPFS has provided insurance premium financing for businesses of all sizes. IPFS's One Platform approach combines premium financing, payments, eSignature, and document delivery capabilities. This suite of services streamlines operations, shortens the sales cycle, improves customer experience, and fosters business growth.

IPFS solutions empower customers to:

  • Streamline the premium finance and payment process.
  • Reduce time spent collecting payments and optimize average collection periods.
  • Modernize accounts receivable and accounts payable processes.
  • Create a better insured experience.
  • Initiate full payment refunds on behalf of customers.

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